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Thinking About Sketchbooks On-line

The last several weeks I have been looking about on the internet for sketchbooks. I like looking in people's sketchbooks and more and more people are putting their sketchbooks up on the internet. I wanted to share these links with you so that you have some eye-candy to inspire you over the weekend. Everyone approaches the sketchbook or visual journal differently and that should encourage you to experiment and find a visual voice that works for you as you record the world around you or simply work on your drawing skills.

As far as I can remember I think I read on one page Flaf is an architect. As is typical for me, I can never get back to the same page twice! At any rate Flaf draws the environment he finds himself in and his renderings look effortless. He has a wonderful eye for knowing which details to include and which to omit. He is a master at creating compositional focus.

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