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Another Look at that French Bulldog

090518BulldogCroppedLeft: 40-minute acrylic color study that I made from a sketch of a French Bulldog. The actual painting is 11 x 14, shows the full dog's head, and has a margin of orange at the top. It just wouldn't fit on my scanner. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

I've only got about 15 minutes of computer time today. I thought it would be fun for regular readers to see this color study that I did using the brush pen drawing I made on April 28 and posted with Journal superstition #6.

The painting in this post is one of those quick things you do, remember, in the odd minutes of your life. I had turned this sketch into a print. Which I really liked the line quality of, as it captured a lot of what I liked in the brush pen sketch. Then the print was staring at me for so long that I decided I wanted to do something else with it.

Originally I thought I'd do a gouache painting, realistic color, etc. But the other thing that was staring at me from the work table was a Fredrix Watercolor Canvas board that I had prepainted with acrylic paint. (You can see this board if you go to the print link in the paragraph above and scroll down to see the "parts" photo. The board is sitting on the table under the acetate sketch. You'll see it's blue, green, and there is a lot of metallic gold.

Well this board has been sitting around for a long time and Monday night I just had had it. I decided to do a quick color study. I'm trying to paint looser. I did do some colored pencil thumbnails for color, but once I got into this lavender, well that's it.

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