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Above: the Japanese bookcloth and decorative papers for the current batch of books, which will have Nideggen paper for pages.

I mentioned on Facebook that I was painting decorative paper and several friends asked for photos. Typically I don't post photos until everything is made up in book form, but I got to thinking people might enjoy seeing everything all cut up. I couldn't get high enough over the table to really include everything however: top left—it is difficult to see the gold and light green fabrics that will go with some magenta (yes magenta!) paper; top right— you can't see the lovely orange and cobalt blue mixes on the paper that will go with red and navy fabrics. This go around I actually made some decorative papers that went well with the smoky lavender bookcloth I bought by mistake months ago and haven't found a use for yet (four books will use this subtle color this round).

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