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Sketchbook and Journal Fascimiles and Collections: Summer (or anytime) Reading

The following is a list of books which present artists’ sketchbooks and visual journals in a facsimile edition or collection and gallery format. I love reading (and viewing) this type of book because they give us an intimate look into the way an artist’s mind works. Whether you have kept sketchbooks and visual journals your […]


Lars Jonsson: Sketching and Painting Birds


Above: Adelie Penguins at Brown Bluff
Antarctic Peninsula 21.1.2009, Watercolor 32 x 50 cm,
©Lars Jonsson. Click on the artist's name to go to the sketchbook section of his website to see this and other examples of his field work. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

In my June 29 post on a documentary film on wildlife artists sketching in South America I mentioned the bird artist Lars Jonsson. I recommend that film for people wanting glimpses of Jonsson working. However, the film reminded me that there were gaps in my library and I have since picked up two spectacular books containing Jonsson's artwork.

I have been reading through the following books this summer, savoring the gorgeous paintings and sketches. If you care about bird paintings or watercolor I recommend that you purchase both volumes to have as inspiration, constantly at hand.

Nature Sketching in the Dry Forests of South America

Donna McMenamin wrote in to give me a heads up about Ten Days to Paint the Forest on Terra. When I was still in Project Art for Nature we tried showing this DVD at one of our meetings but there was equipment failure. I never heard what was going on in the sound track and […]

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