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Chopped: The Home Version

What to you get when you mix Top Chef (where a bunch of unknown chefs duke it out week after week in cooking challenges for bragging rights and prizes) with Iron Chef (where two well-known chefs and their crews create a 5-course meal around a secret ingredient in a one-hour competition simply for bragging rights)?

CHOPPED! with host Ted Allen (of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Food Detectives) on Food Network, Tuesdays at 9 Central time (with repeats throughout the week).

In this 30-minute show 4 chefs compete to survive 3 elimination rounds and win $10,000.00 as the last chef standing. They create one dish each round: the first round is a starter, the second is an entree, the third is a dessert. They are given 30 minutes for each round (the show is edited) and an identical basket of secret ingredients (a new basket each round). The chefs must use each ingredient in the basket (a little or a lot, but it must be included) along with additional items from what looks like a dream pantry. (Please Ted, one show walk us around the pantry!)

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