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Minnesota State Fair Prep—#5: Fair Food Made Simple (and Some Thoughts on Exercise)


Above: Sketch of a piece of salt water taffy, from my 2003 State Fair Journal. Watersoluble fountain pen ink on pre-painted (acrylic) 300 lb. Fabriano Uno watercolor paper. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

This post continues as series on Minnesota State Fair Preparation begun on August 12.

Let’s just begin by saying that there are foods you eat to promote the health of your body and there are other foods you eat because you are compelled by flavor, smell, texture, sense memory,  desire, or a sense of daring do. You’ll find a lot of the latter at the Minnesota State Fair. Most of it will be deep fat fried, and much of it will be presented to you on a stick. (Hey, it’s an easy way to eat something without getting messy—don’t knock it. And in case you haven’t guessed it, the Fair is Carnivore Land.)

Are there healthy things for you to eat at the Fair. Yep. But WHY? You can eat those things when you return home. And for all the days of your life, until next year’s Fair.

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