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Designing My 2009 Minnesota State Fair Portfolio


Above: journal cards from my 2009 Minnesota State Fair Journal sprawled out on a collapsible work table. Read below for details. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

The only downside to keeping an unbound journal is that at some point you have to make a container for it. When the event is over you can't simply close the book. Making a container doesn't have to be an intense project—you can simply repurpose a cigar box or folder. For State Fair journals that I do on journal cards I like to make custom portfolios.

Typically when the Fair ends I have everything wrapped up by Labor Day (I don’t go to the Fair on Labor Day). This year an end-of-summer cold not only influenced and curtailed my scheduled Fair trips, it stopped me making the portfolio on Labor Day (I just can’t measure and mark and cut well when my brain is clouded by a cold). Instead of a completed packet of journal cards I have things spread out on the table shown in the above photo. And as I looked at it today I thought it might be interesting to write about it and let you in on the process of design and organization.

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