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Missing the Fair

I’m still feeling waves of Fair deprivation.  Happily while I can’t go to a fair yet, Earth of Earth’s World has been going to fairs. I asked, and Earth is happy for artists to sketch from the photos up on the website if you give attribution. #Earthsworld if you’re on Instagram. Here’s a sketch I […]


More on the Hennepin County Fair

SpinArtSerious Left: Roz approaches Spin Art with great seriousness. Here at the county fair she practices for the State Fair. Click on the image to view an enlargement. (Photo from a friend.)

In my post on the piglets at the fair on Friday I mentioned that I would describe my County Fair experience more fully. Where better than to start at the making of Spin Art. This is however, the LAST thing you do at the fair (any fair) so that you don't have to carry the finished piece around with you while you try and sketch and do other fair activities.

True to form, as we were leaving, after 4 hours, my friend and I stopped at the small Spin Art "Lite" booth near the entrance/exit to the fair grounds. These weren't the deep-welled, permanent structures with push-button control you see at the State Fair. I think these spin art devices are actually available for home purchase, and the paints we were supplied were less opaque and glossy than those used at the State Fair. But the fun quotient is every bit as high (and I reached around the display and toggled the spin on and off to get the desired results). Where else can you have so much fun for $2.50!? (Finished spin art appears at the end of this post.)

Learning to Walk: Piglets at the Hennepin County Fair

On Friday I was able to get away to the Hennepin County Fair. The friend I went with used her small digital camera to take this "footage" of the Vietnamese Pot-bellied piglets. She gave me permission to post it so I could better discuss the fair. Unfortunately what looks great on my screen seems rather […]

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