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Recruiting—Moly_x: An International Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange

Above: Artwork ©2009 Marty Harris, from one of the Moleskine exchange books he has participated in. You can see the folds of the accordion book this artwork was created in. Read more about this project below. (If you are returning to this post and wonder why there is a different image now, Marty thought this one was more representative of the type of art people are creating; it's not about comix [but I did so like that dino image!].)

If you like to participate in collaborative journal projects Marty Harris has one (well actually two) going that just might be your new passion: moly_x: an international moleskine sketchbook exchange. They are starting moly_x_portrait6 and looking for more artists. They are also always ready to set up a traditional moly_x group.

Marty, a Twin Cities artist and graphic designer, started the exchange in January 2008. I asked him to share some details about the project’s origins and goals with me. So read on and learn if this is something that might just get you back into your journal, or provide additional journaling with the exchange component.

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