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The Drawing Club in Los Angeles: Costumed Models


Left: Cruela DeVille ©2008 Justine Limpus Parish. This is a recent drawing from a Drawing Club session, made by fashion illustrator and author of Drawing the Fashion Body, Ms. Parish. Click the image to see an enlargement.

I think figure drawing is an important component of drawing practice, but in L.A. “The Drawing Club” provides an arguably more essential drawing situation: clothed life models. (I mean, really, it has been a long time since I was asked to draw a naked person in a work-related situation, but clothed figures, that’s something different.)

Anyone interested in figurative drawing should take a look at this site. After each themed drawing session (where the model might be dressed as a pirate, Santa, or a fictional or cartoon character like Cruela DeVille) the artwork from attending artists is posted on the blog. (To see past sessions scroll down on the blog page until you get to the bottom of the right-hand column where the Archives are listed).

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