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The Book You Work In


Above: a selection of recent handmade books I use for visual journaling

By the time you read this post I will either be teaching or have taught a group how to make my newest structure, a non-traditional rounded-back journal. I say non-traditional, because I've stripped down the process of making a rounded back book to steps that I consider essential. They are essential to me because they give me a strong book, useful for visual journaling, but don't entail a lot of laborious steps. Those laborious steps involve a high degree of craftsmanship (you try carving out channels from boards to lace cords or ribbons through and you'll know what I mean) and often provide window dressing that I don't feel is necessary for a visual journal (such as decorative paper endsheets) when all I want to do is get busy sketching. Those steps also frustrate beginning bookbinders and I want to help people get past that frustration.

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