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Susan Hensel Gallery ART CALL

I just found out about an art call for the Susan Hensel Gallery. The note to me said "Minneapolis" in the title so I'm assuming it is for local artists. If you are not local and have related artworks please contact Susan Hensel at

The gallery is seeking artwork for all traditions and attitudes that deals with the concept of faith.

The notice goes on to say:

This year's working idea is sabbath. What does it mean to you to keep a sabbath, to rest? Is it a Sunday thing, a Friday thing, or something else? What part does rest play in a spiritual life? in any life? If those questions don't appeal…send me something else! All kinds of submissions will be considered. All media, even installation and video. (Submit for 2009 by September 20, 2009. Projected show dates: November 6–December 28, 2009. Thank You.)

Because the deadline is so close I have copied the additional information from the prospectus here. I couldn't find it on the website to provide a direct link for you. It has been copied here just as it was received. Please contact the gallery with questions.


Sketch to Print: Turning a Journal Sketch into a Finished Silk-screened Print

FrenchBullDogPrintFin Left: the final French Bull Dog print is 5.5 x 6.5 inches. Print Gocco screen print on Folio paper, green and navy inks. I left the deckle edge on as many cards as I could when I cut down the paper. See the deckle at the base of this card. The wording on the print is from the fortune cookie fortune that was stuck to the journal page where I did the sketch. I tried out other options, but this seemed too perfect. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

MCBA recently sent out an art call—None of the Above. I wanted to participate and started planning something about the State Fair and birds, of course. But I was caught up in my fake journal and didn’t get right to it. Then I was working on my dog portrait series and did a preliminary sketch of a French Bull Dog that I quite liked. (See a scan of the original journal page in my post on Superstition #6, here.)

In an instant things changed. I decided that I would make a print of that sketch instead. And here, step, by step, is how I turned that journal sketch into a print.

Mail Art Call: Art on Ice

No illustration today. I had a run in with an X-acto blade while making signs for the show opening today: Richard Crammer—Into the Forest of Flowers; I hope you all show up and see the exquisite work of this fine artist, and dearly missed friend. The show is all hung and it is stunning.

So instead of sketching and typing, my friend Mimi sent me this interesting news that I had to share with you…

The Art Shanty Projects 2009
In Minnesota we do things a little differently, perhaps it's the cold. Anyway now you don't have to live in Minneapolis to enjoy and participate in some of our fun-filled cold weather plans. You can send mail art. To read about what the Art Shanty Projects is go to the link I've provided. I went last year and it's a lot of fun to visit all the shanties and talk to the artists. Be careful walking on the ice!

A Mail Art Show
Hosted by: The ArtPost Shanty: The Official Postal Shanty of the Art Shanty Projects 2009
January 17-February 14, 2009

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