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Print Always Means a Tight Edit…

Last week the Minneapolis Star Tribune posted a pop-up interview with me in their Currents section. It’s a way to pose a couple questions to people who are in someway connected with the outdoors—to find out what is catching their interest and focus now. I’m not sure why the editor asked me, except that we’d […]


A “Look” at My Internal Critic

Left: Verbal me "drawing" my internal critic, or at least responding to that prompt. There are a couple typos in this rapidly composed piece, Gallipoli minus one of its ls is perhaps the most glaring. There are other places more punctuation would have been helpful. Click on the image to view an enlargement, are read […]


Project Friday: Dealing with Interruptions and Chaos—The Reality of Creativity

See the full post for details.


Dog Studies, No Ukulele Music

See the full post for details.

This Is Roz Focusing: The Ukulele Question—Part I

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