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Break it Down into Simple Steps: Thinking about Setting Up a “Production Line” for Your Art “Edition” Project

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Possible Group Project for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

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Independent Variables: Contemporary Zine Publications—an Art Exhibit

Left: Independent Variables is up at MCBA, and it looks really cool. I love what Jeff Rathermel, artistic director at MCBA, did with the zine show that's up at MCBA right now. I don't know what date it is coming down, so just get over there right away! You can stand there and read the […]


Independent Variables: Contemporary Zine Publications—an Art Call from MCBA


Above: Page spread from "Lucky Dog" a single-issue zine I made using sketches from my journal, drawn while Lucky (a beagle) came to stay at Spa Roz, while her family went on vacation. (Activities included adventure walks, body massage, grooming, great food, and intelligent conversation—as well as modeling gigs.) This zine is 4.25 x 5.5 inches, so the spreads are 8.5 inches wide. It was produced using scans of my sketches and QuarkXpress on a Mac.

I have a love-love relationship with zines. Don't get me started, I actually think that they are an important part of the "American way" stretching all the way back to early broadsides. (I told you not to get me started.)

Well MCBA is having a last minute zine show and I wanted to spread the word, in hopes that some of you would consider sending in your work.

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