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Another Jack Richeson Recycled Watercolor Paper Test

See the full post for details.


Going with the Flow: More on Mixing Sketches with Collage

A step-by-step look at a journal page spread which uses dip pen sketches, brush pen sketches, and collaged scraps.


One of Those Days: Letting Things Go

090806Dogink Left: Journal page with dog sketch (dip pen and Ziller glossy black acrylic ink). Fortune attached before I got to the page. Gouache background painted after ink sketch. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Today is the 10th month of more than daily posting on the blog. A tick mark on towards other goals. I had hoped to list a bunch of links from readers who responded to last month's "quiz" (about which blogs they read) but preparation for an art show (yesterday's opening was very well attended and great fun as well) and other matters intruded. It just hasn't been possible to pull that material together yet. It will come shortly.

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