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Out and About on Saturday: On the Way to the Winter Book


Left: some of the flat (or flatish) polished rocks I picked up yesterday at the rock show: $3 buys a lot of beauty.

On the heels of one in-town road trip I went on another Saturday with my friend Linda. We went to our friend Marcia's for a gallery sale she was having. (Besides checking out those two links to Marcia's work check out the Continuum Pinecone Sculpture. I hope to do a profile on Marcia in the new year.)

I had only found out about the open-house the day before. I'm going to make a point of learning about her next one in advance so I can give Twin Cities readers of my blog a heads up. Marcia, besides making metal sculptures makes wire sculptures that are charming and affordable for all budgets. Her watercolors are also delightful in their loose yet descriptive approach.

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