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Selfie with a Sepia Pen

Left: Selfie using a Sepia Pentel ColorBrush on Wave Paper (11.75 x 16 inches). (Yes those are rips in the neck of my sweatshirt—all I can say is I love cotton clothing and I wear it and wash it and wear it…until it falls off either me or the drying rack.) I had a lot of […]


The Eyebrow Update

Above: Click on the image to view an enlargement (and read the text), and read below if you want to know more about the sketch. Today’s post is for all the friends and fans of Dick who, like me, are wondering just when his eyebrows might make their play to take over the world. This […]


Light Washes on Wave Paper: Another Short Review

See the full post for details.


Wave Paper and Pilot Lettering Pens: A Quick Review

See the full post for details.


Project Friday: I Love Phil Davis’ Face

See the full post for details.

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