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Waterborne: An Art Show Not a Disease or Parasite!


Right: Chicago, November, by John Salminen, is just one of the large (22 x 30 inches or more) detailed and stunning watercolors by this artist in the current show. You will want to see this image in person to check out the delightful blend of colors Salminen uses to create a patina of rust on the large El-train support in the left third of this painting.

OK, "Waterborne" isn't what I would have called a watercolor show, but then I tend to spend altogether too much time reading about parasites and tropical diseases. As I stood outside the Katherine E. Nash Gallery on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Main Campus I couldn't help think of the double meanings in that title. But since parasites and such don't put me off I walked right in; and so should you!

Members of the Minnesota Watercolor Society will recognize the work of many of the included artists here (several past presidents of the society, and other office holders). Other regional artists are also included. In addition to the regional watercolorists there are watercolors from the Weisman's collection (including some really cool pre-1800 stuff and a couple George Grosz hand colored lithographs!).

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