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Nature Sketching in the Dry Forests of South America

Donna McMenamin wrote in to give me a heads up about Ten Days to Paint the Forest on Terra. When I was still in Project Art for Nature we tried showing this DVD at one of our meetings but there was equipment failure. I never heard what was going on in the sound track and […]

Who Is Dong Kingman?

A reader of this blog wrote in yesterday in response to my post on Charles Reid's books and recommend that people read Dong Kingman's book. I assumed Chris meant Dong Kingman's Watercolors.  I'm waiting to hear from Chris if that's correct (a couple of you have asked me to find out). In the meantime I […]

Watercolor Painting Books by Charles Reid

I love Charles Reid's watercolor paintings. I love the looseness of his approach, which still reads representationally. I love his use of vibrant color. I enjoy how he works out his compositions with thoughtful spontaneity.

Recently I purchased Charles Reid's latest watercolor "instruction" book: Watercolor Solutions: Learn to Solve the Most Common Painting Problems. I thought that I would write a review of the book. I know people are always on the look out for a good book on watercolor techniques. I have to admit that I bought this book unseen because I love his work. This is another reason I've decided that I'm going to rank the books I have of his and tell you why I like them and let you decide if any of this matters and if you need the newest book. If you don't already have any of his books I don't think this is the one you need to get—what follows are reasons why.

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