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The Truth Matters; Freedom of the Press Matters; Vote Today

Today, nothing matters more than getting out to vote.  By November 3, 2018 there were literally 6,420 reasons to vote against President Trump. That was the current tally of misstatements Trump had made in the 649 days of his presidency. Misstatements which have been misogenistic, racist, and simply insulting to caring, compassionate, and responsible humans. […]


Protected: In Context: Minnesota Primary Election Today

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Please Remember to Vote Today

A voting reminder and another peek into the “weirdo journal.”


The Polls Are Open


Above, brass rubbing of names from the Brainerd, Minnesota World War II memorial.

The voting polls open today at 7 a.m.

vote. Voting is a gift from past generations. I have a lot of reasons
to vote today: I like the Constitution. I believe it is important to
hold our elected officials to high standards. I want clear heads,
thoughtful minds in charge. 

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