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Saying Good-bye To The Bell Museum

Above: Pen and watercolor sketch at the Bell Museum on 9 x 12 inch white Stonehenge paper. And yes Stonehenge is not a watercolor paper, but sometimes you just want to paint on what you want to paint on. Sunday was the Urban Sketchers Twin Cities sketch out at the Bell Museum. I added the […]


Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities Sketch Out for April

Above: One of the sketches I did at the March Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities Sketch Out at the Union Depot in St. Paul. It's ink and watercolor in a Pratt FlexBook Sketchbook (the 6 x 8 inch or so). I warmed up with a couple pages of pencil sketches but I really wanted to go right […]


The Sixth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out—August 23 and 26, 2014

See the full post for details.

I’m Posting about Snow Piles over on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities

No new post here today, but I didn't want you to miss my snow pile posts over at Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. In February I found a very "worn" snow pile, before all the recent snow. Just after (or rather during) Tuesday's snow storm I sketched our barbeque grill in the yard. Yesterday I had a […]


Gouache Two Ways Today

See the full post for details.


Ken Avidor on Toned Paper

See the full post for details.

Where Is Roz Blogging?—A New Blog List

See the full post for details.

Snow Pile Update: Don’t Let a Little Thing Like No Supplies Stop Your Sketching Practice

See the full post for details.


Get Ready for the Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out: Saturday, August 28

That’s right folks, details for this year’s Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. I can hard stand it!

Sketches from the Sketch-UP Are Posted!

Check out our favorite sketches from the Sketch-UP.

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