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FAQ—So What Pigments Do You Actually Use Roz?

“So what pigments do you actually use Roz?”—it’s something I’m asked all the time. I was asked again this Sunday during my Patreon Webinar. I had two travel palettes out on my desk, one with 26 pans, one with 27 pans. I was bemoaning the loss, through miss-packing of a storage box, of a third […]


Trying Out some Watercolors from Daniel Smith



Above: color test swatches of three new Daniel Smith watercolor paints I purchased: Serpentine Genuine, Rhodonite Genuine, Transparent Red Oxide. Click on the image to view an enlargement. (Tab in gutter: when I start a journal I remove pages throughout it immediately, to allow space for collage.)

Note: Daniel Smith Watercolors are my preferred brand, the brand I use the most frequently, enjoy using the most, find the most vibrant and consistently well-made, etc. While I use a fairly limited number of colors in my typical travel palette I often look at additional colors to use for expanded palette situations, or as replacements.

The other day I stopped by Wet Paint in St. Paul and picked up a couple Daniel Smith watercolors I hadn’t tried before. I had been reading a lot about the Rhodonite, was curious about the Transparent Red Oxide, and, well when I saw the Serpentine Genuine I just had to have a tube (and I do not like green paint!)

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