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Playing Around with Dry-Brush Effects

Above: Sketch made from the TV, watching a "Top Chef." This is one of the competitors. Pentel pigment ink squeezable brush pen. In a Flex Book sketchbook, which I'll review next week. Choices about ink delivery can be important to the over all look of your sketch. And while this sketch has a definite messy […]


Fabriano Venezia Journals SPINE PROBLEMS: Product Review Update

Above: Quick TV sketch (moving subjects) of a chef on Top Chef. 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia Journal; fiber-tipped pilot brush pen (dull black ink) and light washes of gouache with a 3-inch wide brush. I can no longer recommend Fabriano Venezia Journals. Update 12.5.17: I have another reason to not recommend these. In the one I […]


I Said I Wouldn’t But I Did—The DVR Made Me Do It: A New Season of Top Chef

See the full post for details.


So I Was Watching Top Chef the Other Night and…

See the full post for details.


Reality TV—Yep!

See the full post for details.


It’s Time to Practice for the Portrait Party!

See the post for full details.

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