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My Cunning Plan To Be Ageless and My Function on Road Trips with Linda

Above: Me in my favorite Gortex jacket—the one I went through two of when tracking with the girls; which has a very nifty zip open back that allows for a fanny pack and keeps that pack dry. Photo ©2004 Linda Koutsky. I love this photo—the balance Linda achieved in the composition. She has such a lovely eye. […]


Don’t Buy Blue Tires and Other Thoughts of Spring

Above: One of the blue tires in question. Yes it is blue on the base too, but that is already road dirty. And yes my bike is blue and isn't that matchy-matchy? (Where is Tim Gunn when you need him?)

The past few weeks have brought an early spring to Minnesota, melted the snow, and left a wonderful drifting sandbar at the edge of all the roads (we put sand and salt on our winter roads and that doesn't get washed off until spring cleaning which comes much later because, hey, it could still SNOW).

Back when I had the girls, I would have been upset at the fair weather, proceeding so quickly to summer heat and humidity. Slow cool springs are a delight when you work tracking dogs. Even if you work all winter as we did, the spring season gives them time to adjust and build a heat tolerance. If you think it's cool walking in the fields while you work your dog get down in the weeds, lie down in the grass, it's a good deal warmer down there for beings who don't sweat!

But I don't have dogs now, and the rising temperatures are just too good to overlook, so like other bicycle loving folks I have taken to the road again. But first I had to go to the bicycle repair shop and have my bike spruced up.

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