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How to Deal with Smelly Books


Above: another Chihuahua study I did in the odiferous journal. The journal paper is Velin Arches (formerly Arches Text Wove) and I did the study using a Pentel Pocket Brush pen and Schmincke gouache. I used a flat brush so I could get a looser look to the painting. There was a strip of Gutenberg paper pre-pasted down the gutter of this spread, which you can see easily at the bottom of the page where the center of the spread looks tan. Leading up from that you can see the edges of the pasted in paper. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

My friend Wendy (her website) is a bookbinder and book restorer in Austin, Texas. She immediately had the perfect solution for my perfume-contaminated book. (I have to say that unanimous opinion leans in favor of floral HAND LOTION being the culprit.)

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