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Jeff Rathermel’s “Project Gutenberg Project” Opens September 23

See the post for full details.

Upcoming Twin Cities Art Shows

Upcoming art events.

Susan Hensel Gallery ART CALL

I just found out about an art call for the Susan Hensel Gallery. The note to me said "Minneapolis" in the title so I'm assuming it is for local artists. If you are not local and have related artworks please contact Susan Hensel at

The gallery is seeking artwork for all traditions and attitudes that deals with the concept of faith.

The notice goes on to say:

This year's working idea is sabbath. What does it mean to you to keep a sabbath, to rest? Is it a Sunday thing, a Friday thing, or something else? What part does rest play in a spiritual life? in any life? If those questions don't appeal…send me something else! All kinds of submissions will be considered. All media, even installation and video. (Submit for 2009 by September 20, 2009. Projected show dates: November 6–December 28, 2009. Thank You.)

Because the deadline is so close I have copied the additional information from the prospectus here. I couldn't find it on the website to provide a direct link for you. It has been copied here just as it was received. Please contact the gallery with questions.

Playing Catch Up and Some Reminders

Art Shows You Don't Want to Miss
Richard Crammer: Into the Forest of Flowers is in its closing days. The show actually closes Sunday, February 22. Sundays are zero admission days at the Bell Museum of Natural History, so you have added incentive to go! Richard created some stunning art during his life and this is a perfect opportunity to see an overview of nature work and family portraits; works in pastel, graphite, ink, and silver point. I have been back several times to see the artwork. It is fun to remember the discussions I had with him about some of the pieces. I was fortunate to actually see Richard work on some of the pieces. Seeing them again brings all that back. Recently I visited with my friend Linda, also an artist. At one point she commented on how confident the lines were. That made me smile. There are so many areas in Richard's work where he allows things to recede, or where he leaves things unfinished. Even in their unfinished state these little details loitering around the edges of his art show great observational skill. If you are in or near the Twin Cities and love representational art with nature as its subject you really must go and see this show.


James Michael Lawrence: An Unusual Retrospective

Left: A montage of collaged images, all ©James Michael Lawrence. Click on the image for an enlarged view. Review=Reflect=Recycle • James Michael Lawrence • An Unusual Retropective is the new show set to open at the Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis. (3441 Cedar Ave. South, Minneapolis; phone 612.722.2321) The show runs from January 9 through […]

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