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Sketching at the Bell Museum this Thursday Night—See You There!

Post lists a reminder for this sketch out event!




Above: the Japanese bookcloth and decorative papers for the current batch of books, which will have Nideggen paper for pages.

I mentioned on Facebook that I was painting decorative paper and several friends asked for photos. Typically I don't post photos until everything is made up in book form, but I got to thinking people might enjoy seeing everything all cut up. I couldn't get high enough over the table to really include everything however: top left—it is difficult to see the gold and light green fabrics that will go with some magenta (yes magenta!) paper; top right— you can't see the lovely orange and cobalt blue mixes on the paper that will go with red and navy fabrics. This go around I actually made some decorative papers that went well with the smoky lavender bookcloth I bought by mistake months ago and haven't found a use for yet (four books will use this subtle color this round).


Better News than Yesterday

Left: A lightfast test of some black ink pens—Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen, Staedtler Pigment Liner (which I knew was lightfast but threw it on as a sort of test of my test; and it was an almost dried out pen that I grabbed to make my swatch); the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (ditto about knowing it wouldn't fade); a Payne's Gray Koh-I-nor Nexus Studio Pens (which I tested because sometimes companies are great at making black inks lightfast but not color ones; sure enough this company is great at both). Click on the image for an enlargement. There was no fading on any of these inks.

I know yesterday was a bit tough, all that fading, all those thoughts of hours spent creating artwork that isn't going to look the same in about, oh a week (just kidding); but you get the idea.

Today I remembered to post a test with a happier result. The caption above lists the various pens I was testing. I purchased them all at Wet Paint in St. Paul, but the links I've provided so you can see photos, are from other vendors. You decide (we know I want you to buy locally from WP!).


Paper Choices: Fitting the Paper to the Technique


Above: Two journals I made this week using a purple bookcloth and decorative papers I made with Fabriano Uno Soft Press 140 lb. watercolor paper (a discontinued paper) and acrylic paints. Right—7 x 8.5 inches, “frost” pattern; left—8 3/8 x 10 5/8 inches, loose swirls of color. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

When I stopped to take a photo for my journal (I like to document book batches with swatches of materials used and photos of the resultant books as a record and reminder) of two new journals that had just come out from drying under weights, I realized they gave me the opportunity to talk about paper choices in a concrete way.

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