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Using Rubber Stamp Inks in Visual Journals

Left: Page from my 2015 Fake Journal. I used a 6 x 6 inch square, wire-bound journal with grey Stonehenge paper. All the pages were masked and labeled with the date and related title in the same way. This image was a response to "Focus on Text." There is some heat embossing in this image […]


A “Look” at My Internal Critic

Left: Verbal me "drawing" my internal critic, or at least responding to that prompt. There are a couple typos in this rapidly composed piece, Gallipoli minus one of its ls is perhaps the most glaring. There are other places more punctuation would have been helpful. Click on the image to view an enlargement, are read […]


Why Draw?: Because It Leads to Something…Drawing Is Subversive

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Some Quick Gouache Faces

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Faces Part 2 of Too Many to Count

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More Contours

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Saving Those Fiber-Tipped Calligraphy Pens Even When They Are Running Out of Ink

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Fun Surfaces for the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen…

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Yummy, Yummy Gouache—Use Some this Weekend

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Is It Fun to Sketch Ed Asner or WHAT?

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