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What Happened to

Over the weekend I killed my Typepad account. In October 2008 I started my blog on Typepad. For 8 years it worked well as a platform to share my work with friends and students. But the design was static and the features offered on Typepad didn’t match the needs I had growing forward. I decided […]


A Trip to the Allergist’s


Above: Journal spread sketched in the Allergist's office while I was waiting the obligatory 30 minutes after my allergy shots. Page size is approx. 6 x 8 inches; spread 12 x 8 inches. Click on the image for an enlargement.

Yesterday marked the end of a crazy week. I was looking forward to a relaxing time at the Allergist's sketching in the waiting room—but there weren't any people there. Finally a lovely young woman appeared, but she kept getting up and disappearing. (When you are in the injection waiting room you look through a small doorway into the main waiting room and your view is limited. People walk in and out of the "frame," so to speak. I ended up having to write more notes than I usually do on such a visit, to fill up my time.)

A couple notes about the spread:

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