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Buttons for the Fourth Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out Are Here

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Project Friday: An Afternoon with Chickens (You Pick Your Own Subject Matter)

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Missing a Sketch Out, Sort of…

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Sketch Out at the Science Museum of Minnesota with Metro Sketchers and Wet Paint

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Open Streets Sketch Out on June 10, 2012—Mark Your Calendars

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My 2011 Minnesota State Fair: A Video Flip Through

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See What Happens When You Miss a Sketch Out!?

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Sketching and Sketch Outs in the Twin Cities

The past couple of years there has been an increase in opportunities for sketch out opportunities in the Twin Cities. These opportunities include a growing number of life-drawing opportunities, but also other sketch out possibilities. There are so many in fact, to keep track of, that it’s necessary for me to make this page to […]

Bell Museum’s First Thursday’s Sketch Nights Resume

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Metro Sketchers Visit A Native Species Garden

Above: My warm up sketch of a milkweed plant. (Pentel Pocket Brush pen in a handmade journal that's 6.5 x 6.75 inches, so the spread is 13 inches wide.) Drawing with a PPBP is always a pleasure, but I have to say that on a warm day the ink glides out in a way that […]

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