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More Hair—a Selfie

  I’m wrapping up the current hair series with a selfie. My braided hair of course. I don’t do selfies often. I have to stand in the bathroom and juggle pens and palettes.  I was frustrated late one night because my foot was in a cast and my vision was particularly frustrating. But there is […]


When Do You Throw A Pen Away?

When do you throw a pen away? Evidently I don’t do it often enough! I love the way some disposable ink pens get a thin dry line as they run out of in, but lately it’s ridiculous. I need to put out some new pens!


Not Looking Like Myself

Left: A Magenta Watercolor Brush Pen (Bienfang/Speedball) sketch made while I was looking in the mirror. Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media hardbound journal, approx 8.5 x 11 inches. While I'm on the subject of portraits not looking like their subject this week I thought I'd post this self-portrait I did the other day. I'd had […]


A Self-Portrait of Sorts

See the full post for details.


Just for Fun—Stylizing Characters

See the full post for details.


Sketching with an Attitude

The full post is a look at a quick sketch and a growing attitude.

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