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Some Ideas Get Lodged in Your Head: Working in Series—and On Being Dangerous

Above: A a warm-up page spread from a smallish, 5 x 7 inch journal I made with Arches Text Wove (Velin). I've been carrying this journal around because it is small and doesn't add to the bulk of what I usually have to carry. This week I'm sharing some pages from my journals that show a […]


Quick Stop at Como Zoo

Above: Quick sketch of two ostriches on the verso page, then a more detailed head study on the recto page. One of the birds had wandered off to the edge of the paddock and we followed it. It was standing right at the fence peering over at the crowds so I was about 6 feet away […]


Even If It’s A Really Bad Day…Sketch

Left: Sketch in my small Rives Lightweight journal using a .6 Sakura Pigma Sensei Pen. I liked the thicker line for this quick work. Read more below, and click on the image to view an enlargement. I think the title of this post stands without explanation. Even if things are going poorly, it’s no excuse […]


Prepping for the Minnesota State Fair—Testing Sakura Pigma Sensei Pens

Left: Quick sketch using the .3 Sakura Pigma Sensei Pen on white Stonehenge. Yes, most pens work fantastically well on Stonehenge (I can't think of one that doesn't right now), but the Sensei works particularly well, giving you a line that looks reminiscent of using a dip pen. When you blow up the image it […]

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