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Richard Bell: His Blog and One of His Books

I've been away from the computer all day again today, and there is a storm coming I hate working on the computer then. I'm going to be adding some new blogs to my blog roll over the next week or so and I wanted to call your attention to them as I did so. But I also want to get off the computer. (Did I mention that?) So I am going to start by adding Richard Bell's blog "Wild Yorkshire." He's a tremendously talented artist and journal keeper. And he writes the most wonderful books on the nature that surrounds him. You really need to check out his blog.

In addition I have called up from my pre-blog "student and friend update list" the following review of his book Rough Patch. It's spring (I'll have more to say about this in the next few days) here in Minnesota, and this makes me think of Richard's book, and all the gardeners out there, everywhere. I used to be a gardener but now we have too much shade in the yard, and with no resident predators (except the raptors) too many bunnies! Still it's good to read about the gardening experiences of others.

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