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Snow Piles: A Fact of Life

Ken Avidor wants you to notice snow piles!

Bell Museum Sketch Out: Part 1

Peek at Ken Avidor’s Bell Museum sketches!

Current Exhibits and Events: The Phipps and Intermedia Arts

Two member announcements from last night's MCBA Visual Journal Collective meeting: Theresa Harsma exhibition of bookbinding explorations is up now through October 25 at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wisconsin. This is a lovely center about 30 minutes from the Minneapolis—St. Paul center, on a straight shot on 94. There is no […]


MCBA Visual Journal Collective August State Fair Prep Meeting


Above: Roberta Avidor (seated, blonde hair, dark shirt) and her fellow artist and husband Ken Avidor (standing in the blue, white, and black shirt on the left; her right) show artwork made at the Minnesota State Fair. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Monday, August 17, at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective, twenty visual journal keepers met to prepare for sketching at the Minnesota State Fair. Ken and Roberta Avidor presented past State Fair work (journals, as well as paintings) to the enthusiastic attendees.

Talk was fast and furious but Roberta and Ken offered several tips and suggestions:


Minnesota State Fair Prep—Part 3: MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s August Meeting!


Above: Crowded Skyride line at the Minnesota State Fair. Pen and ink sketch ©Roberta Avidor. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Note: This post continues the State Fair prep series begun August 12!

Monday, August 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis, the MCBA Visual Journal Collective will meet to PREPARE FOR THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR!

Three guest speakers will give tips on sketching at the Fair!


MCBA Visual Journal Collective: What Happened in July



Above: watersoluble colored pencil journal sketch of the crowd at Lake Harriet Band Shell ©2009 Roberta Avidor. Read on for more information about Robert and her artwork.

Monday night was the July meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective. Nineteen journal keepers gathered to share work, ideas, and inspiration. The goal for the evening was for each person to bring artwork that derived from journal work. Wow. I have only one regret. I didn’t take photos as people were talking. I did, however take some notes which I’m going to share with you now, so that you can get a taste for the meeting. (I’ve also asked attendees if they post images of their work on their own blogs or websites to send me a link, and I’ll update those at the end of this post. I've provided links to websites or blogs of the artists involved, when I've known of them.)


Commercially Made Sketchbooks: Hand•book Journals


Above: ©2009 Roberta Avidor. This New York City view of water towers atop buildings is from the visual journal Roberta keeps in a Hand•book Journal. Here she sketches with a black Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer Aquarelle colored pencil and Sennelier pan watercolors. (This sketch is from a large-sized journal which is around 6 x 9 inches.) Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Today we have fabulous GUEST ART! Eye candy. The images in today’s post are by one of my favorite artists, my friend Roberta Avidor. She is an illustrator of immense talent. She has a quick sense of humor and is kind and supportive. She keeps one of the most visually stunning visual journals I’ve ever seen. Along with her husband Ken, she is great fun on sketch outs. (Ken also keeps an amazing visual journal. He was my first Profile Friday.) You can see more of her work at her website and here.


Indoor Dog Park—Whose Idea Was this Again?


Above: My first page of sketches at the indoor dog park at the Twin Cities Metrodome. The journal is about 7 inches square. If you want to see the verso page of this spread check out Twin Cities Sketchers for January 7, 2009, where I suck it up and sketch a car. Click to view an enlarged version. Note: the dog in the center of the page, head only is not sniffing the drinking dog's butt, though there was plenty of butt sniffing going on. This is just one of those odd overlaps that happens when you are making lots and lots of gesture drawings and not looking at your paper much! What am I happy about in all these random strokes? The dog drinking water. I got a good sense of him. And the dog lower right, a sweet little brown mixed breed. Shy. I have a sense of her; enough to do a painting. End of page one and I'm not unhappy I came.

Last month my friend Linda told me about the indoor dog park at the Metrodome. We didn't find out in time to go however. But I had plans to go in January and  I asked other folks to come along with me. Seems it wasn't to be a crowd or sketchers, but the Avidors were game; we agreed to meet there.

I’m Cross Posting? No—Guest Posting

If you want to see an image for this post, and if you can't wait for tomorrow's daily post, here is an extra post from me, posted at Ken and Roberta Avidor's Twin Cities Sketcher Blog, where I am allowed (gasp) to guest post. (You'd think I was given a key to to the launch […]


Twin Cities Sketchers: A New Group Blog


Right: Watercolor sketch of outside muralists at work, © Roberta Avidor. (Handbook Journal and watercolor.)

Do all things urban interest you when you sketch? Do you love to draw on site? Do you live in the Twin Cities? If you answered yes to those questions then you need to go to Twin Cities Sketchers the new blog started by that indefatigable sketcher, Ken Avidor. 

Inspired by artist Gabi Campanario’s group blog Urban Sketchers, Ken has launched a blog for Twin Cities artists to share sketching work which captures our local environment. Ken welcomes “suburban” views as well, on the blog, thus allowing artists to capture the entire range of their experience in the metro area (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN). 

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