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©2019 Roz Stendahl. Detail of watercolor flat washes on this paper.

Review: Clairefontaine Watercolor Sketchbook

  Background on the Testing of This Sketchbook Earlier this year a Clairfontaine representative wrote and asked if I would like to test one of their new watercolor sketchbooks. Typically I buy all materials that I test and review on my website. This time, because I use many Clairfontaine notebooks and love them all I […]


Winsor & Newton Pigmented Alcohol Markers

Above: Marker sketch made using the Winsor & Newton Alcohol-Based Pigment Markers on their special marker paper. A week or so ago Wet Paint and Winsor & Newton (W&N) held a party to introduce Winsor & Newton's Alcohol-Based Pigment Markers. Note: these are DIFFERENT from their Watercolor Markers. You can read a review of the […]


A Tip and Two (or Three Depending on How You Count) Conversations

See the full post for details.


Reminder: April 15, 2013 Meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective—Suzanne Hughes and Roz Stendahl on Travel Journals

See the full post for details.


Ken Avidor on Toned Paper

See the full post for details.


An Illustrated Journey: A New Book From Danny Gregory

See the full post for details.


Bell Museum’s March Sketch Night Report

See the full post for details and some images.

The Minnesota Journal Project 2000—Ten-Year Reunion

Above: some of the journals from the Minnesota Journal Project 2000, sitting outside their custom boxes at the Minnesota Historical Society for the ten-year reunion. That’s Roberta Avidor’s journal down front with a self-portrait of herself sketching. Click on an image to view an enlargement. As 1999 drew to a close Linda Koutsky, Mark Odegard, […]


Buttons for the Second Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out!

Read my post to see the button and sketch out reminder!!!


Minnesota State Fair Round Up

Above: a sketch from my 2004 Minnesota State Fair Journal: two cows sketched with a black Pentel Color Brush (the ink of which is watersoluble and so blends with the paint) and gouache, on Fabriano Artistico cold press 140 lb watercolor paper. Click on the image to view an enlargement. Follow the link to see […]

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