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Thoughts on Marriage: Chip and Ernie


Above, my two favorite Mallards, Chip and Ernie, a same-sex couple who have been coming to have cracked corn at Dick’s parent’s house for the past 4 years. Dick’s father put the cracked corn out for the squirrels, and there are some seriously obese squirrels in their yard, but the ducks eat it too.

I’m still chuckling over something my friend Ricë wrote on her blog about same-sex marriage:

I don’t know why people care:  I don’t know why what someone else does makes any difference. As long as it doesn’t scare the cows.

Same-sex marriage. Why would anyone be against two adults getting married? How does that possibly hurt anyone else? Oh, sure, they talk about benefits and rights and insurance, like all that’s going to change for them just because someone else gets married. Bullshit. Nothing anyone else does in their marriage is going to affect your marriage if you just mind your own business and don’t take out any personal ads using the words “swingers” or “foursome” or, oh, how about “community-wide orgy”? Your marriage is what you make it; nobody else can change it.

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