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There Couldn’t Be A Better Time To Be An Artist—A Week-Long Celebration, Part 5

Above: Pentel fine-tipped pigment ink brush pen sketch on Japanese Lined journal; with washes from a Pentel dye-based brush pen, and color from a 15 mm tipped Montana Marker. I'll end my week-long celebration of beards with another sketch of Rainn Wilson as "Backstrom." It was last Friday's post which got me started on this anyway. Wilson […]


Television: “Backstrom”

Above: Sketch of Rainn Wilson as "Backstrom." Pentel fine-tipped ColorBrush with pigmented ink and then background color with a Montana Marker 15mm tip; in an 8.5 x 11.5 inch Japanese Lined journal. For TV talk today I'm going to bring up "Backstrom." It's a new police detective show staring Rainn Wilson as the misanthropic title […]


Join Me If You Can for My Interview Today

Left: TV Sketch, Rainn Wilson, with Pentel pigmented, fine-tipped ColorBrush (yes, one of those squeezy pens) on green stationery (I think it might be Canson that was pre-cut), for my loose sheets journal (about 8.5 x 11 inches). You really want to view an enlargement. Reminder: at 1:30 CST I will be on Design Recharge […]

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