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It’s Time to Practice for the Portrait Party!

See the post for full details.

Portrait Party and Binding Party Information

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective, as of January 2011, has held three portrait parties. Our 2009 and 2011 parties additionally were binding parties. An editioned photocopier book of the event, with all the portraits paired opposite each other (the portrait you drew was opposite the portrait your partner drew of you) was created at each […]


I’m Broken—People and the Pen “Dilemma”

See the post for a couple images and discussion of finding a pen that works, and a bunch of other stuff that I rant about.


The MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Third Annual Portrait Party Wrap Up

The full post contains photos and details about our portrait party.


I Told You There Would Be More Portraits

See the full post for details.


Portrait Party Tonight

Please see the FULL post for crucial details about tonight’s event.


Warming Up for the Portrait Party

See the full post for details on why I’m painting faces and the upcoming portrait party.


The 2009 MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Portrait Party Originals Go into the MCBA Library

Check the blog post to see images of this booklet and case.


MCBA Visual Journal Collective: Ken Avidor and the Petters Trial Sketches—PLUS a Mini Portrait Party!

Ken Avidor shared his courtroom sketching experiences from the Tom Petters trial.

MCBA Visual Journal Collective

The Minnesota Center for Book Arts Visual Journal Collective meets 12 times a year on the third Monday of each month, from 7 to 9 p.m. at MCBA. (See their website for directions.) The Collective, founded in fall 2008 by co-ordinator emeritus Roz Stendahl, is part of the adult workshop and program offerings at MCBA. Meetings are […]

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