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Detail from the above page spread. What caught my attention was the lovely light that caused such interesting shadows on this pigeon.

Drawing Practice Registration Closes June 6

Just a heads up, my last session of my online class “Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public” closes registration on June 6.  When you register there are some open lessons with information on supplies and such. The first lesson opens on June 7 and the class runs for a month with new lessons every […]

Great Moments in Court Room Sketching

"Gentleman of the jury"—Judge Maddox turned to the twelve men—"you will be conducted to this house [where the murder was committed]." With that, he sent them to fetch their hats and overcoats. Captain Methven and the rest of their police escort cut a path through the crowd as the jurors filed out into the cold […]


2014 Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out and a Video Flip-Through of My Fair Journal

Above: My favorite sketch from the Fair this year, a pigeon of course—Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy Pen and Montana Marker in a 7.5 x 9.5 inch soft bound Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Journal. Click on the iamge to view an enlargement. Today I'm posting a video flip through of my 2014 Minnesota State Fair Journal.(See […]


Working in a Series or with a Theme

See the full post for details.


Pet Stores and Sketching

See the post for complete details.


Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons (and a little bit about the Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out)

See the post for full details on a bunch of things!

Need Pigeons? Can’t Get to the Minnesota State Fair…?

Let's say you live in Antarctica and you can't get to the Minnesota State Fair. (OK, maybe you live in San Francisco, or Philadelphia, whatever.) Well that means you're going to miss out on seeing the pigeons at the Fair. These are "fancy" pigeons raised to compete in a variety of categories. (And outside the […]


More on Pigeons

Above: My friend Tom took this photo of his wife Janet standing next to this giant pigeon statue in Pisa, Italy (©2009 Tom Nelson). Remember how the other day I was saying Paris, France had the best pigeons? Well I might have to rethink that. My friend Tom just showed me his trip photos of […]

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