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I Went a Little Crazy with the Squeezy Pens

Above: Quick sketch of clothing designer Wes Gordon, as seen on "The Fashion Fund." Sepia Pentel Colorbrush Pen (dye-based, non-archival, but deliciously watersoluble) on a spread in my 8.5 x 11 inch (approx.) Japanese lined notebook. Left: Detail from the above image. The paper in these notebooks is on the gray side. I diluted the […]


Even with a Large Page Size the Gutter Can Trick You

See the full post for details.


Pentel Brush Pens—Which Are Which and What Type of Inks Do They Hold?

See the full post for details.


Minnesota State Fair Round Up

A compendium of articles on the Minnesota State Fair.


Revere Paper from Magnani

090722AGertNewPaper Left: Gert as a test subject on the new Revere paper from Magnani. (This is Revere Suede.) Click on the image to view an enlargement. Read on for more details about the paper.

Since 1404 the Magnani paper mill has been making papers on the banks of the Pescia River. Really delicious papers! Now they have added another paper: Revere. This is a 100% cotton paper suitable for drawing and printing techniques. It comes in 22 x 30 inch sheets and 30 x 40 inch sheets. The white also comes in rolls. There are six colors (not available in all sizes or finishes)—Polar White, Standard White, Warm White, Ivory, Bisque, and Black. The white range is wonderful, but I have to put a bit of a plug in for the Bisque which is a lovely sort of pinkish tinged white. It reminded me a bit of Rosapina, but not as beige. Indeed it is a lovely and delicate color that could find many happy uses for drawings and prints.

(A Revere Book with suede finish will be available in Standard White and Ivory, but was not available for me to test.)

The paper's three finishes are even more interesting: Felt, Suede, and Silk. There's pretty much something for everyone.


Fading in the Fast Lane: Art Kure Brush Pens

Left: Lightfast test swatches made of three Art Kure Brush Pens: Delft Blue, Blue, and Brown. I no longer have the pens so I don't know the exact name of the dark blue and brown. I labeled the Delft Blue strokes with DB everywhere as I wanted to be sure to know after the fading test which blue was which. Click to view an enlargement.

Friends and students know I love to use the Pentel Color Brush even though it isn't lightfast. You can read my comments about that brush pen in my January 15, 2009 post which also contains links to artwork made with it.

Well a couple years ago when I first saw the Art-Kure Brush Pen in a supply catalog I thought, since they referred to it as a "watercolor system," that it might actually be an archival tool…

THESE PENS ARE NOT LIGHTFAST as you can see from the lightfast test. Don't be lured in by their snazzy nomenclature in the promotional copy. This is not a "watercolor" tool or "fine art" tool. This tool produces fugitive results. You need to be aware of that to make a choice about whether you use it.

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