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Prismacolor sketch of Dick as he sat on the couch in the TV room. I took another crack at those eyebrows. 7.5 inch square handmade journal with Nideggen paper. Note: I don't usually let my mull show at the gutter, but this particular book was made in a class where one of the students mis-tore all his paper when I looked away for 30 seconds (really). After that I never looked away from him more than 10 seconds so my book has a very "gestural" aspect. But the student did leave class with a completed book!

Nideggen Is Great for Color Pencil Too

This is one of my favorite sketches of Dick. Nideggen is a great paper, and not just for ink, it works well with dry media like a color pencil as well. In fact, if you want to go really crazy on this toned surface with a full range of color pencils you will not be […]


Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal—Product Review

Left: Detail view of color pencil sketch on the 92 lb. cream drawing paper. (A doodle, but Dick and I both think it ended up looking like a friend I haven't seen in decades!) I found the new Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal on a trip to Wet Paint before the Minnesota State Fair. It has […]

Leisure Reading for the Weekend

See the post for full details.


Pencil and Gouache Not Working on All the Papers I Like

See the full post for details.


Playing with Paint

See the full post for details.


Fantasy People—Just ‘Cause, You Don’t Always Need Angst

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More Fantasy People and a Test for a New Journal—Goal Greater Productivity

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International Fake Journal Month Begins Today

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My New Favorite Mechanical Pencil

Just what the title of the post says. See the post for photos.

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