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Making a Photocopier Imposition Dummy

Left: a visual aid for the following discussion on making a dummy for a photocopier book. Click on the image to view an enlargement. (This is a straightforward pamphlet)

When I posted on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Portrait Party I meant to post about creating a photocopier book right away; other things intervened. Now to make the discussion quick and simple, because it really can be simple folks, I have provided the labeled photo to the left.

Let’s walk through the process. And "No your head will not explode!" Just hang in there and read.

If you want to photocopy something and put it together as a book you have to be aware of how to layout your master pages (the originals that will be photocopied) so that when they are copied back to back the pages will fall in the correct order. You have to think in signatures.

The easiest way to do this is to make a small imposition dummy, which is essentially a bunch of folded sheets labeled with the page numbers, so that you can check you’re organizing it correctly. (I sometimes find it helpful to label these pages with a note about content as well as the page number.)

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