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Roz is Easily Amused: Leftover Paint


Above: the
leftover paint in my palette plate after sketching the Chihuahua in yesterday's post. I looked down and saw this and thought, as I often do, "Isn't that cool!" Click on the image for an enlargement.

That's Zinc White, Titanium Gold Ochre, and Helio Turquoise on a white china plate—just mooshed around as I was painting. I was putting the palette on a side table after I was through painting (I save paint like this, and you'll see the full palette later) for other paintings. Schmincke Gouache rewets well.


It’s Not Waterproof until It’s Waterproof


Above: An ink-test page from my current journal which uses Velin Arches (formerly Arches Text Wove) for text paper. I was concerned about bleeding ink lines with pens usually dependable in their waterproof qualities. (My rubber chicken puppet Gert is always willing to be a test subject.) The page size is approximately 6.5 x 8.5 inches. The right side of the page spread didn't fit on the scanner, but it isn't crucial. The page tab in the center of the spread is from a page I removed when I started the journal; something I do to make room for eventual collaged items. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

So is it bad Karma or the phases of the moon, or more likely the change in humidity as the earth gives up the last of the melting snow moisture into the air? And of course one can’t discount manufacturing tweaks and changes in the products and papers used. But whatever is causing “the change” in how my pens have been working on Velin Arches the last two weeks, it has made me out of sorts. My favorite waterproof pens have been bleeding when I paint over the ink lines.

640 Tubes—Color Dumping: A Contest WINNER!

Note: Profile Friday will appear Saturday this week because of logistics.

Congratulations to Betty Ann Dalton from Nova Scotia! Betty Ann won the drawing for the Color Dumping Contest I started on December 9 to celebrate two months of daily posting since I had started my blog, and to move Project 640 Tubes along.

The small handmade (by me) journal that was advertised as the prize in this contest is already on its way to Betty Ann.

Brush Lettering

I'm going to try this again. I am having trouble embedding videos. I got something to work a moment ago, but the video was at the end of my post (I like visuals at the top of a post) and there was a typo that I wasn't able to correct when I went into the […]


Altered Book Round Robin Part III


Above: a page spread from my altered book on "Mysteries."

In my two previous posts about the preparation of my book for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's Altered Book Round Robin I talked about selection of a book and the altering of the cover. Once the cover is completed (or put on hold until the end of the project, which is another way to go) it's time to get inside and start altering those pages.


Project 640 Tubes: Selecting a Gouache Palette



Above: Chicken (sketch is Ziller Glossy Black Ink with dip pen on background painted with Indian Yellow FW Acrylic Ink; gouache)

This post is part two in the series: Project 640 Tubes

Readers will recall that I promised to suggest colors for a gouache palette when I started Project 640 Tubes.

(Note that for purposes of this discussion by "color" I mean the pigment in the paint, which I might refer interchangeably to by pigment number or by tube name because it's clear I'm discussing a particular brand. If you elect to buy a different brand of gouache than what I recommend you need to make sure you're getting the right pigment. The name on the tube can be the same across brands, but what the companies put in the tube in terms of pigments can be very different indeed. I recommend you only buy Schmincke and M. Graham Gouache, read the first Project 640 Tubes post for why.)

My Travel Palette

Travel Palettes for Watercolor and Gouache


I like to paint out in the field and around town. To do this I like to carry my paints with me at all times. I also like to travel light. The above photo shows a selection of travel palettes with which I work.

The two smallest palettes in the center of the image are kid's palettes (note the U.S. Quarter positioned next to the palettes for size comparison). The one on the left contains watercolors, the one on the right contains gouache. I take out the pellets of kid paint and use my own favorite brands of paint. I had a shoulder problem several years ago and even my other travel palettes were too much for me to hold at the same time I paint (I typically stand and hold journal and paints in one hand and work with the other). These small palettes are filled with 11 colors each. Because they are so small they are in my fanny pack at all times. I can paint with watercolor or gouache depending on my mood.


Road Trip


For some people, and I'm one of them, few words elicit as much anticipatory excitement as "Road Trip." (Said with two LONG vowels and a gradual increase in volume.) And if you do enjoy going on road trips one of the best people to travel with is my friend Linda. First of all she likes to drive so I get to ride shotgun and sketch, eat Mounds Bars, or simply gab away. Second, she arrives with a printed out suggested itinerary of fun and interesting places we can stop (including phone numbers should you have to call while on the road).


“Project 640 Tubes”

Roz starts a campaign to get M. Graham Paints to add PB60 to their gouache line.

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