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Painting with ink washes on top of a pre-painted background texture. Actor Yannick Bisson in "Murdock Mysteries." Fabriano Artistico Cold Press 140 lb. watercolor paper.

Ink Wash on Pre-Painted Background Textures

Textures make me smile. What can I sketch on one today? I ask. The other day I made this brush pen and ink wash sketch on a pre-painted background texture. I love the way the yellow bits of textured background show as a glow here and there while the warmer reds come through as warmth […]


New Online Class—Textures!

If the above video doesn’t run in the post, please view it at this link on YouTube. Update January 2019: This class is being offered again. Go to the current class schedule page. Class dates and access have changed, but we’ll still cover all the things mentioned in the video. Yes, I’ve got a new […]


Two Journals at Once, Oh No!?!

Please see the full post for details.

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