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Simple Approaches for Backgrounds—A Five-Part Series: Part 1

I was organizing my images for blog posts and noticed that I had a lot of common themes, some not as obvious.  What do the images in today’s post and those referenced (linked) all have in common? Well all but one have backgrounds painted AFTER the sketch is made (and typically even after the sketch […]


By Design: Sign Up Anytime

Above: A page spread from one of my visual journals. During my By Design Class I address not only the component parts of a page, but the rationale behind making design decisions to create impact and organize your text and illustrations.   Since the beginning of September 2016 my By Design: Creating the Intentional Page […]

My New Online Class: By Design—Why I Love It and Why I Think You’ll Love It Too

Above: Short video discussion of what the new “By Design: Creating the Intentional Page” contains. If it doesn’t show up here you can view it on YouTube. Note: All Roz Wound Up Classes now offer lifetime access. See the FAQ for details. Today I’m getting the word out about my latest online class—“By Design: Creating […]


Upcoming Book Arts Classes with Roz: Fall 2010

Details on classes I’m holding this fall (2010).

Looking More at Page Make Up—Part VI: A Short Video of the Recent Gutenberg Journal

A short video of my recent Gutenberg journal with a discussion of page layout.

Comfort Zones, Habits, and Page Layout

What works and what doesn’t and when to shake it up


Looking More at Page Make Up—Part IV: Playing with Photocopies

More on page layout, while playing with photocopies.


Art-A-Whirl: A New Experience as a Vendor, not a Visitor—Oh, Yeah, and a Little Bit about Page Layout

Thoughts about sketching at Art-A-Whirl


Journaling Superstitions #6: You Must Stay on One Page Per Journal Entry

Above: sketch of a French Bull Dog from a series I am working up for paintings. This is in a 6 x 6.5 inch journal I made with Fabriano Artistico Cold Press 140 lb watercolor paper. The background has Brilliance rubber stamp ink and a fortune cookie fortune. I decorated the background a week before I sketched this dog’s image. I used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for the sketch. I was going to do a complete painting on this spread, but when I got the ink work done it just seemed a good place to stop. Additionally I decided not to write in the negative space around the dog's head because I thought the portrait needed the negative space. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Anyone who looks in my journals knows that I don’t believe in using one page at a time. Many, if not all folks who keep visual journals might wonder, “Why is Roz even bringing this up? Of course you can work across the spread.” It will then surprise you to learn that the number one problem I see over and over again in my journaling classes (which I have been teaching since the 1980s) is a student’s inability to free himself enough to work across the gutter.

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