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Groveland Gallery’s Two New Exhibits


Above: Gary Bowling's big enameled pail of "Color Notes" (photographed for use here with the gallery's permission).

Friday my friend Diane and I ended up at the Groveland Gallery around 2 p.m. They were open, but their new show wasn't officially open until 5 p.m. We were able to spend time soaking in the new paintings alone in the galleries. (The two shows—one in the gallery, one in the annex—run through July 18.)

At the entrance to the Gallery where Gary Bowling's large landscape oils ("Notes to Self") are on display there was a pail of his "Color Notes" (see photo) left out for gallery visitors. Bowling uses these small squares of board (2 inches or so) to test color combinations and textures to see how they will work before working on passages in his large canvases. Process Girl Roz was mesmerized by these.

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