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Edo Pop at the Minneapolis Art Institute

See the complete post for details and my obvious devotion to the printing process.


An Afternoon at the “Foot in the Door” Exhibit

I go to the “Foot in the Door Exhibit.”


Behind the Scenes at MIA’s “Foot In the Door Show”

Behind the scenes at Foot in the Door.


“The Louvre and the Masterpiece” at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

A review of the Masterpieces of the Louvre show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.


Art in Bloom

Left: A metal rooster that will be available in the Art in Bloom Shop during the event. Made out of recycled metal barrels this rooster and his sheep, goat, bunny, and pig friends will cry out for adoption. For 26 years the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has celebrated the marriage of flowers and art with […]

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