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The Stabilo All: An Aquarellable Color Wax Pencil

090715ALouRescueMe Left: A bit of a wonky sketch (the chin should be tucked more and he does have teeth!) of John Scurti as Lt. Kenny “Lou” Shea on Rescue Me, using the Stabilo All Aquarellable colored wax pencil, on Lana Aquarelle 140 lb. HP paper which is what’s in the current journal. Click on the image to view an enlargement. 

I mentioned Stabilo All Aquarellable colored wax pencils in my July 17 post. And before too much time passed I wanted to post a sketch I made with these pencils. I have about 6 of these pencils, but my favorite is the brown pencil. Typically I use it when I’m drawing on acetate overlays to “try things out” before committing to the final drawing under the overlay. But after Liz mentioned this pencil on our outing to the Bell Museum I wondered what it would be like to sketch with it on the 140 lb. Lana Aquarelle Hot Press watercolor paper. Later while watching an episode of Rescue Me I sketched one of my favorite characters.

The pencil works really well on this paper. The waxiness of it being a bit of an advantage, giving it a slight, smooth drag across the surface. The down side of the pencil is that you have to sharpen it frequently, and I didn’t, loosing highlight in the second eye and detail in the mouth while working with an ever more blunt pencil. The texture you can get with this pencil is similar to much softer, drier pencils and pastels, which tend to flake, break apart, and wear down even faster. It’s a line with character, without all the dust.

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