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I’m Posting about Snow Piles over on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities

No new post here today, but I didn't want you to miss my snow pile posts over at Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. In February I found a very "worn" snow pile, before all the recent snow. Just after (or rather during) Tuesday's snow storm I sketched our barbeque grill in the yard. Yesterday I had a […]


Ken Avidor on Toned Paper

See the full post for details.


Experiments with NeoArt Watersoluble Wax Pastels from Caran d’Ache

See the full post for details.


“It’s Carl Week” Still Isn’t Over

See the post for full details.


“It’s Carl Week” of Course!

See the full post for details.


Yet Another Look at that Eggplant—More Gouache

See the full post for details.


A New Batch of Books, Part 2: Seven More

See the full post for details.


Paper, Paper, Everywhere: Two Recommendations for Quality Mixed Media Papers

View the full post for details.


Finding a Line Quickly—Deciding What Pen to Use

Full post is a brief discussion of selecting a pen for line quality, but also selecting lines on a face to actually draw.


Warming Up for the Portrait Party

See the full post for details on why I’m painting faces and the upcoming portrait party.

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