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Painting on a Prepainted Background

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Back to PB60 (My Favorite Blue)

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Pans vs. Tubes? Part Two

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Pans vs. Tubes? Part One

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Color Theory: Related Posts and Recommended Books

On March 10, 2010 I wrote a post on Polymer Clay Color Inspirations—Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes, by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. (Watson-Guptill, 2009) A reader, Cheryl, wrote in and asked if I could recommend a book on color theory using watercolor as the basic medium. I believe Haunani and Maggio […]


Heavy Metals Be Damned: Cadmium Orange Gouache Is Fun!

Thinking about Cadmium Orange on my gouache palette.


Quick Thoughts on Gouache

Just that.

My Travel Palette

Travel Palettes for Watercolor and Gouache


I like to paint out in the field and around town. To do this I like to carry my paints with me at all times. I also like to travel light. The above photo shows a selection of travel palettes with which I work.

The two smallest palettes in the center of the image are kid's palettes (note the U.S. Quarter positioned next to the palettes for size comparison). The one on the left contains watercolors, the one on the right contains gouache. I take out the pellets of kid paint and use my own favorite brands of paint. I had a shoulder problem several years ago and even my other travel palettes were too much for me to hold at the same time I paint (I typically stand and hold journal and paints in one hand and work with the other). These small palettes are filled with 11 colors each. Because they are so small they are in my fanny pack at all times. I can paint with watercolor or gouache depending on my mood.

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